Marathon Men Make Money For Music (Coop)

Local musician Derek Meins, from band Vex Message, has bravely vowed to undertake a sort of marathon in aid of the Lancaster Musician’s Cooperative. We say sort of because, well, there won’t be a great deal of running involved…

Derek explains, “Me and my pal Mark Smith (not the lad from The Fall) are going to walk a virtual London marathon. We aren’t running because that would be mad. We’ll be doing it at the same time as the folks down South, but following our own route and recording progress through their marathon app. Local like.”

Sounds reasonable.  

And to mark this epic occasion, the benevolent duo would like to try and raise some much-needed money for the Music Coop. And why the Coop? Derek adds, “My band Vex Message used to rehearse there and since it has been closed we’ve really missed the place. It’s an important hub for the local music scene, so the sooner it opens the better!”

So, if you have a few bob to spare and feel like contributing without the need to run (or walk) 42.1km (or 26.2 miles), then please go to their GoFundMe page here to donate.

And, we’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Derek and Mark – we really do appreciate their efforts and wish them a wonderful walk! 

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