Up on the roof!

Happy New Year Co-op gang! We’re starting 2024 off with a bang. Our contractors, Duckett Building Services are back on site this week and are making great progress.


They’ve taken off old leaky roof and put up a scaffold for access to install the new (hopefully less leaky) roof! No more umbrellas catching the leaks! No more indoor pigeons!

It’s really exciting to see the work coming along so well. We’re very grateful to our funding partners Lancaster City Council, the Heritage Action Zone and the Community Ownership Fund. What’s most exciting though is the prospect of YOUR Co-op being open again soon! We can’t wait to welcome you back. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

One thought on “Up on the roof!

  1. Gaz Fisher

    That’s great news folks.
    Great job on getting up and down the ladders Dave.

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