Eviction Overturned


Lancaster Music Co-op

16 NOV 2018 — 

GREAT NEWS!! At a meeting on Wednesday November 14th Lancaster City Councillors voted unanimously to SAVE THE FUTURE OF LANCASTER MUSIC CO-OP! Following a three and a half hour debate, councillors all agreed to revoke the eviction notice, give the Music Co-op a long term lease and carry out vital repairs to the building! We have been overwhelmed by your support throughout the campaign and are quite frankly bowled over by the result! What a resounding victory for music in Lancaster!! It is not over yet. There is plenty of hard work to do and we still need to hold councillors to their word on this but the future looks good! We still need to raise lots of money to fit out the repaired building with brand new rehearsal rooms and studio so any fund raising you can do to help us realise the dream would be really greatly appreciated!

Thanks again everyone! Couldn’t have done it without you!

David, Ian and Mick (Lancaster Music Co-op)