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Glorious is the third in a trilogy of large-scale pieces by performance company Rajni Shah Projects currently touring the UK and Europe. Glorious is being researched and developed as a distinctive piece of musical theatre where participants are involved in the process of making the show.  

From a full blown orchestra to a small folk band, in each location the pre-existing score is adapted and arranged in collaboration with musical director Suzie Shrubb to suit the instruments available, re-imagining the work each time it's performed. 

We are now looking for a music group of any size or instrumentation (including voice) to take part in making the next performance of Glorious as part of Live at LICA’s theatre/music programme on the 1st December 2012.   

If you would like to find out more about the project, come and meet Suzie at More Music in Morecambe on WEDNESDAY 25th JULY 2012 at 7pm.  

If you have any questions, contact Suzie on, or Alice on or 01524 592994.  

If you cannot make the July date but would still like to hear more, please get in touch.   

Further information on the project can be found at
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Seeking information on your co-op

I came across your website when I was doing some research for a case study assignment for my degree in University College Cork.  I'd really like to know more about your organisation particularly as your vision would seem to be about providing musical services at affordable rates.

I would really be interested in learning more about your organisation and I'm writing to you today to establish if it may be possible for me to contact a member of your organisation preferably by telephone but possibly we could communicate via email. I would be particularly interested in talking to someone who has been involved in the organisation for some time or if that is not possible maybe some other member of your organisation's board that is familiar with the history of the Lancaster Music Co-Op.

Is it possible that you could forward them a copy of this email?

I was impressed with your organisation as I'm also working with a youth organisation that is trying to set up a community rehearsal space and our Board would be keen to learn more about how you set up your organisation and why you decided to go down the co-operative model as they might also consider going down this route regarding managing the rehearsal space. We are based in an impoverished area of the city which experiences many social problems including instances of poverty, high unemployment, ill health, social exclusion and shorter life expectancy and would see music as being very important part of the programmes we want to offer. I hope to hear from you soon - many thanks for reading my email and I hope you'll be able to put me in touch with someone who can give me more information.

Kind regards

Nuala O'Sullivan

Administrator / Fundraiser
Youth Work Ireland Cork
Youth and Community Resource Centre
(New Building)
11 Gurranabraher Road
Direct Dial: 00-353-21-4399862 / Fax:021-4399204 (Phone Line also)

Charity No. CHY 18908

Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 16:27:38 +0000