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 Selection of guitar pickups and machine heads for sale:
All have been used, but in good condition.
These pickups don't include mounting springs and screws.
Locally based seller (Morecambe). 

2 Wilkinson® Single Coils (N) WVTN Alnico (B) WVTB Alnico £15 for the set or £10 each

2 Wilkinson® Stacked Ceramics (N) W90SK (B) W90SK £15 for 2

cream wilkinson wvsb strat single coil £10

gold grover rotomatics with black kidney buttons 3x 3- 18 to 1 ratio tuners £20

Mooer Pure boost pedal £20

grover silver rotomatics kidney buttons 3x 3- 18 to 1 ratio tuners £20

seymour duncan sh-1B £25

Wilkinson wvcn and wvcb humbuckers £20

Lace Gold Sensor £20

Contact: Greg at

For sale: Premier Signia snare drum, piano black, great condition. Hoops are pitted and need re-chroming or replaced. Needs light clean, sounds great. Comes with Hardcase £220 ono! Premier projector three shell pack, black. 20inch deep bass drum with 12*8 tom and 16*16 floor tom. Comes with bass drum case. £290. Can be viewed anytime in Morecambe.

Please call 07792177091


Drum list attached and all prices are negotiable.
My telephone number is 07817079172 and we are based in Kendal.  
Carol and Ted


    18” BASS
    13” SNARE
    10” TOP TOM
    14” SIDE TOM

    16” BASS
    10” TOP TOM
    16” FLOOR TOM (all black) £300.00

1970’s PREMIER 
    20” BASE
    10” TOM TOM
    16” FLOOR TOM
    IN RED SPARKLE (floor tom needs recover) £350.00

    20” BASE
    14” SNARE
    10” TOP TOM
    16” FLOOR TOM
    IN RED MARBLE £500.00

    20” BASE
    10” TOM TOM
    18” FLOOR TOM £450.00



FOR SALE: Marshall 100w JCM2000 TSL 100 amp £550 ono

Marshall 100w JCM2000 TSL 122 combo (2 x 12) £500 ono

AMP: Had a full refurb 12 months ago plus been back to Marshall via Promenade Music for circuit board repair.Sounds as mean and dirty as ever! Also comes with dust cover (not pictured) and 5 switch foot pedal.

With 3 independent channels (Clean, Crunch, and Lead) the TSL100 puts amazing control, flexibility, and tone variations at your fingertips. From sparkling clean to full-blown Marshall roar, the all-valve 100W head delivers it all. Each channel features its own volume, gain, and EQ. Master controls include tone shift for beefing up tone at low volumes, Accutronics spring reverb, an effects loop mix control, a speaker emulation DI circuit for silent recording, and virtual power reduction that gives you a glorious, saturated power amp feel without cranking it up to 10. Comes loaded with 4 ECC83 preamp valves and 4 EL34 power amp valves and also features 2 effects loops, loudspeaker outputs, a 5-way LED foot controller, and more.

COMBO: Had refurb 18 months ago. Older than amp so a little wear to casing. Foot switch and dust cover included. Specs are as above for the amp part with speaker specs....Combo Amp uses 2 different 12" speakers: a Marshall Celestion Vintage and a Heritage for enhanced sonic capabilities.

Gear is in Lancaster and you are welcome to try before you buy.

Ring or text Nick on 07490 155471 or email

Brilliant bass cabinet

Perfect for a touring band or a bassist that plays live regularly. Four 10" speakers deliver incredible tone at high volumes. The GS 410 was designed to give bass players the full, punchy tone they want at any volume. It’s focused sound makes this a great cabinet for all paying techniques – finger style, pick, slapping, or tapping.

The carpet covering has been removed as it was soaking up bar smells. Always intended to cover it in vinyl but I actually really like it this way. Easy job to re-cover if desired.

£500 ono. Will deliver if needed. Contact Mark on 07875236967.

 Mesa Boogie F50 with Flight Case

Mesa Boogie F50 in very good condition with flight case by Castle cases. Comes with the original handbook, footswitch and all leads.  It’s very powerful and achieves an amazing array of sounds in a very simple configuration. New Mesa output tubes fitted for sale. No issues.

See here for the amplifier’s Guitarist Magazine 5 star review:

Call or text Graham on 07800 90347 or email

Michael Moussa Oud for sale in Morecambe area £300 ovno
Vintage Oud with deep powerful sound in the classic Egyptian vein comes with soft case.
Email:  Prem Bodhi (


2 x Berhinger Truth 2031a active studio monitors. £180

In excellent condition, only selling due to downsizing studio space. Tech specs and other details in this link:
Contact: Mike 07549 165089

Boss Dr Rhythm Dr 880

Play and create rhythm patterns for drums and bass. Has 440 drum and percussion sounds and 40 bass sounds. 100 preset drum kits plus you can store 100 off your own. Control velocity for more expression. Comes with 500 preset rhythm patterns and you can create 500 of your own.
 Built in effects processors for drum plus COSM amp for bass parts.
USB and Midi connectivity. Multiple outputs. Inputs for bass/guitar. Headphone socket.

Not boxed, but in good condition. Never been gigged and only used in the house.

Original Boss power supply included .
No manual, but can be downloaded from Roland website.
£150 ONO.
contact Steve on 01524 39675

E-MU B3 64 Voice Tone Wheel Organ Module

. . . SOLD . . .
Excellent rare bit of kit that mimics the Hammond B-3 wonderfully, at a fraction of the weight!

Search YouTube for some great clips that demonstrate the amazing range and tone.

Not boxed, but hardly used – complete with manual.

£350 ONO.

Contact Steve on 01524 39675

 All sale items are down to the fact we need more room in our house for a littln'.

The epiphone les paul special bass is as new (in Carnforth). Literally played for maybe an hour and a half tops in a bedroom. Its a stunner. The tone pots are nice and responsive. Specially designed alinco bass humbucker pickups. Very rich sound for the price. Perfect for long term practice and rehearsal uses. Superb satin finish. Bought locally from shop brand new. 

£190 ovno
Please contact Steven for enquiries
07543204287 or 01524 298380

'Roland dr-670 drum machine for sale'
Roland v drums hd-01 5 piece electric drum kit with stool, sticks and headphones.
 I really regret having to sell this piece of kit but I only have limited space and so need to compromise. Had approximately 15 hours use. Personally a  very valuable learning tool. 10 preset realistic digital drum kits. Jazz, hard rock, electronica etc.


Apparently works through midi interface with roland dr670 drum machine, potentially expanding your drum sounds into their hundreds! Endless possibilities here. I was quite happy with using defaul kits. However if connected to a computer you could record beats easily. Also has metronome. Box, instructions and Midi cable also inluded. Folds away quickly and easily and has a very small footprint. 

Bought new the kit was £500 The drum machine is £250.
I'd like to sell the set for £350 ONO for quick sale

Call steven on 01524 298380 or 07543204287 to discuss.

. . . SOLD . . .

. . . NOW SOLD . . .
I'm looking to offload my bass amp as it's currently only being used for bedroom practise and I think it deserves a lot more!  The head is a 550 watt Ashdown ABM EVO2, the cabinet is an Ashdown ABM 1x15.  Both are in full working order, there's a couple of scuffs on the cabinet but it's only from light use and purely cosmetic.  I'll include the rack case (Warwick RockCase) and a speakon cable to connect head to cabinet.  This really is a great setup, just a bit too big for my current uni room!

. . . NOW SOLD . . .

I'm looking for around £575 or a similar offer for the lot.  I will consider offers for the head or cabinet separately but would rather sell them together.

I Also have a Fulltone Bass Drive pedal for sale.  A fantastic handmade overdrive pedal that's now been discontinued. I don't have the box any more and the pedal doesn't have a battery in it.  I'm looking for around £110 for it.

. . . SOLD . . .

. . . NOW SOLD . . .

I was given your information by Promenade Music in Morecambe as a possible place to sell my drum kit.



It's a used, ten year old Premier XPK in cherry red (22, 16, 13, 12, 12, 14snare) and I have good quality soft cases for all drums and a Stagg 40HW Hardware case with wheels in good condition. There are no cymbals as I have sold them separately. No bass drum pedal either. There's a Premier Double braced hi hat stand with clamp, bass drum double tom holder and also a cymbal mount TAMA Tom holder.

I'm willing to let this go for any decent offer. The kit still looks good and sounds good. I also have replacement skins for the floor tom, bass drum and snare. There are a few scratches as it is quite old and bits of minor rust, but it's 100% functioning.

Can take just the drums/hardware and no cases for a discount too.

Looking for about £300 for everything or about £250 without cases. ONO. The Stagg hardware case, the cases and TAMA tom holder are worth at least £250 NEW so I think it's a good deal!!

People can view before they buy as well with no obligation to buy.


Hi, I am clearing out some old gear, and have come across my old Marshall AVT 50w combo (in good working condition), and was wondering if the Music Co-op would like to buy it for use in your practice rooms, or for gig hire? If not, do you have an ad board I could post this on to?

I'm looking for £75 for it, and there are also some guitar fx pedals that I would throw in too.

Let me know if you are interested,

Michael Taylor

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Squier Strat/Fender 6 string electric guitar, carry case,

MS 10G 10 watt amplifier and lead

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