30th Anniversary ~ ARCHIVE Gigs

Lancaster Music Co-op were very proud to announce that 2015 was their 30th Anniversary


The history of the Music Co-op is discussed on the Home Page with notes from the 25th Anniversary.

This page was created to advertise and promote the 30th Anniversary Year in 2015, events that the Co-op arranged and stories that musicians and bands have relating to the Co-op from the last 30 years.

 Going Strong after 30 Years

Music Coop Lancaster 30 Years

by Nick Lakin

Music Co-Op 30th Anniversary Benefit Gig
Played on Friday 4th December 2015

IntoVision (Duo) - Didn't make it broke down on Motorway
Words About Space
Montana Wildhack
Phillip James Turner & The Crow Mandala

Admission £3 on the door opens at 8.30pm Upstairs
Bar open downstairs in pub before hand

Montana Wildhack

JULIE - Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala

IntoVision Mrs Robbinson

Music Co-Op 30th Anniversary Benefit Gig
Friday 13th November 2015

The Yorkshire House, Parliament St, Lancaster

The Lovely Eggs
Two For Joy
Totally Radical Dude
New 7" Single "Goofing Around (in Lancashire)" Launch Party

Admission £8 on the door opens at 8pm
£7 wegottickets.com

The Lovely Eggs- Don't Look at Me (I Don't Like It)

I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With

Music Co-Op 30th Anniversary Benefit Gig
Saturday 12th September 2015

The Yorkshire House, Parliament St, Lancaster

3D Tanx


Admission £3 on the door opens at 8pm

Music Co-Op 30th Anniversary Benefit Gig
Friday 11th September 2015

The Yorkshire House, Parliament St, Lancaster

Paddy Garrigan & the Stroller Priests
Tony Cooke
The Blackmail Snaps
The Glass Poppies

Admission £3 on the door opens at 8pm


Music Co-Op 30th Anniversary Benefit Gig
Friday March 6th 2015

The Yorkshire House, Parliament St, Lancaster


Super Fire Pony
T-Shirts For Americans
The Charm
Pill Fangs
The Fighting Keegans

Compere : Mr Entertainment
8 pm - 12 pm £3 on the door

Many thanks : Ian

First Gig of 2015 to raise money and celebrate the 30th Anniversary:
Friday 13th February 2015

'Tears of the Dead'

Bands Invitation

"Greetings to ALL bands who use the Co-Op. On Friday 13th February 2015, Lancaster-based heavy metal cover band, 'Tears of the Dead' hosted a fundraising gig at The Yorkshire House to raise money for the awesome Lancaster Musicians Cooperative. We would all be f****d without it. So, in recognition of this I thought, "why not get everyone involved?". Rather than play a gig and have the standard one or two bands as support, we wanted to open up the invitation to ALL bands that use the practice rooms and showcase what you do or just come along anyway, get drunk and get to watch other bands that we don't always get the opportunity see play. This was a great chance to get the whole of the live music community together and support the place that keeps the whole thing alive.

A professional photographer was also there on the night to take some awesome live shots of all the bands. 
Peace! "

If you are involved in the Pub/Club scene in the Lancaster area then we would like to discuss any arrangements that can be made to help the Music Co-op celebrate throughout the year.
There have been a variety of musicians through the doors over the years that have been in bands including The Towers of London, Strawberry Girl, Awaken, The God’s Directors, The Prodigy, The Bottle Necks, Electric Free Time Machine, Uncle Jeff, Pavlova, IntoVision, The Minstrels of Power and James. 

Loz likes to remind us however that it wasn’t set up as a “talent factory” but it is there to nurture budding musicians and it is somewhere to play where you can crank up the volume without disturbing the neighbours.

The Lancaster City Council have also played a part in allowing the Co-op to offer this service to its residents and visitors and we hope that this will continue long into the future. Initial funding provided by the North West Arts Council enabled the group to build two rehearsal rooms in 1985. 

BBC News form the Co-op's 25th Anniversary

Audio Pro International News of 25th Anniversary

Please contact us to get involved: In particular if you want your band to play at some of the 2015 events, yet to be organised in and around the Lancaster Music Scene.

Links: Minstrels of Power: Obsession with Becky

With the LMC's 30th anniversary looming I've been tasked/volunteered with doing something about this idea that's been rattling around in the sub-basement since about 1998. It was an overwhelming undertaking then (I did get some of it done but subsequently lost it :-/) but now it's positively gargantuan so ...... help much appreciated! 

The first appeal is, of course, for information, even if just a few names and years. 
So.... names of personnel; instruments/role; years active. 
Send information to Richard Graham Chamberlain

Richard James Turner The Lancaster Musician's Co-op Dee Hay Chris Watkins Stuart Anthony Sam Starkey North West Musicians Dave EgglestonEzra Woolnough Rob Daniels Nick Tinsdeall Ian Cresswell Danny Prescott Al Alvarez Stephen Grew Dogavinafag Clayton Dean McPhee Noel Flay CassGordon Smith Kyle Oram Nicholas Camm Ben McCabe Marco Nellisiç 

Also it would help enormously if you could chain this or tag it to anyone else you know who has been involved in the LMC or has practiced there. 

Many thanks in advance. Richard — at The Lancaster Musician's Co-op.