Overturn the Eviction

Chance to overturn the eviction notice on Nov 14!!

Lancaster Music Co-op 5 NOV 2018 —

On November 14 Lancaster City Council will meet to decide whether to overturn the eviction notice served on Lancaster Music Co-op.

The meeting will take place at Morecambe Town Hall at 6pm.

We need as MANY people in the area to show up to this meeting and show your support for Lancaster Music Co-op! This is a public meeting so we really hope to ram the place with supporters of the Co-op to show the strength of feeling.

In the meantime, please lobby/email Lancaster City Councillors and ask them to support Lancaster Music Co-op and vote in favour of withdrawing the eviction notice! They will be deciding which way to vote this week!

A full list of all councillors and their emails/addresses can be found here…

Link to Councillors

Thanks so much for your support so far. We are overwhelmed!

Ian, David and Mick (Lancaster Music Co-op)